Back from the other side


The composition was commissioned by the Musikakademie Hammelburg for the UNerHÖRTes festival 2014, Germany FIRST PERFORMANCE: 2th November 2014, UNerHÖRTes festival 2014 in Hammelburg, Germany Bavarian Police Orchestra; Conducter: Prof. Johann Mösenbichler Score in C Grade: 2,5; Duration: 8 minutes   Composer's note: ‚Back from the other side‘ is a composition about the are blurred, become increasingly clear until the moment of reawakening (bar 67). The choral melody „Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir“ is the end we hear the perspective of the non-conscious person. After the lead-in by the tubular bells the music is elusive. the music gives us no clear outlines. Things become clearer from bar 27 onwards, but then get hazy again until the awakening on bar 67 occurs.   Practical tips: The conductor may choose to set up the groups. Ho- wever, group balance should be achieved, as all groups should be equally balanced. Group 2 should ideally be played up to bar 23 by a small group of musicians positioned to the rear of the public. The rest of Group 2 sitting on the stage begins in bar 24. The musicians behind the public pause from bar 24 onwards and start up again on the upbeat to bar 67.   Performance variations for the end (from bar 67): A) Singing by the musicians only: Group 2 and percussionists play the music. Group 1 and 3 sing all 3 verses. B) Singing by musicians and the public: Group 1 and 3 and the percussionists play the music. Group 2 and the public sing all 3 verses. C) Singing by the public only: The public sing all 3 verses. D) Performance without singing: In this version do not repeat bars 67 to the end. 



Wind Band
6-9 Minutes
german and english

About the composer

Hubert Hoche

Hubert Hoche was born in 1966 in Germany. After an apprenticeship as carpenter, he studied composition and conducting at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, followed by postgraduate studies in composition. Further studies with Prof. Michel Philippot (Paris), Bernhard Haitink (Luzern) and Jan Cober (Leipzig). Participant of the Young Composers Competition in Schloß Weikersheim; winner of the competition „Hochschulforum junger Komponisten“ with his composition „O quae mutatio rerum!?“ which was broadcasted by the WDR; scholarship of the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Thüringen; winner of the Young Composers Competition in Gera; 1. prize with „Nebelbilder“ for concert band by the Association of German Brass Band Associations (Verband Deutscher Blasmusikverbände); winner of the Young Composers Competition in Gotha with his composition „distortions of a picture“ for orchestra; 1. prize for his composition „From Heaven High“ on the occasion of the composition competition for the 5th German Music Festival 2013 in Chemnitz, awarded by the BDMV and the GEMA Foundation, 2017 first performance of MYSTIKA for concert band, dancer and visual artist (Stadttheater Fürth-Germany) Cooperation with the Weimarer Staatskapelle, Jenaer Philharmonie, Thüringenphilharmonie Gotha-Suhl, Bayerisches Kammerorchester, Polizeiorchester Bayern, L’Art pour L’Art ensemble, Oh-Ton ensemble Oldenburg, rarescale-London, Stefan Barcsay, Martina Beck, Mathias von Brenndorff, Diana Drechsler, Carin Levine, Naoko Kikuchi, Marta Klimasara, Egidius Streiff, Oliver Woog, ART!stik LABOR, Johann Mösenbichler, Ernst Oestreicher ... Conducter of concert bands and choirs; co-founder of the festival for contemporary music „Weimarer Frühjahrstage“; founder of the „flammabis – contemporary music e.V.“ and its president since 2000; also vice-president of the Komponistenverband-Thüringen e.V.; since 2005 vice-president of the Tonkünstlerverband Würzburg; member of the presidium of the WASBE – Section Germany.

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