• Midwest Clinic Chicago 2017

    The 71st Annual Conference – December 20-23, 2017 What began in 1946 as 120 music directors meeting for six hours in a Chicago YWCA gym has now become the annual four-day music band and orchestra conference known as The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference. For over 70 years, musicians, educators and people […]

  • BUMA Awards 2017 for Marco Pütz and Ed de Boer

    On the 29th of October  Marco Pütz will receive the prestigious 2017 BUMA INTERNATIONAL BRASS AWARD (NL) as an acknowledgment for his compositions, especially for wind/fanfare band. The NATIONAL AWARD will go to Dutch composer Ed de Boer (Alexander Comitas). The awards will be presented during a ‘hrfstwnd-concert’ in the new concerthall of Musis Arnhem […]