WMC publishes Test pieces for wind, fanfare and brass bands

April 2, 2021

On April 1, WMC published the titles and composers of the Test pieces of the World Music Contest 2022 for wind, fanfare and brass bands. The selection committee of the Dutch Repertoire Information Center (RIC), at the request of WMC, selected 10 works for their suitability for the concert competitions of the 19th edition of the festival. Of the 10 compositions, 5 were written exclusively for WMC.


The new works have been written by prominent composers from France, Japan, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. “I am delighted that we are presenting five exceptional new compositions that reflect the international wind music cultures,” says Björn Bus, General Artistic Manager at WMC. “They are a valuable addition to the existing repertoire for wind bands.”

In 2021 WMC will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Therefore, the organization asked the selection committee to choose compositions that have historical value and have been significant for the development of the repertoire for bands. “With, among others, the work Concertino for Fanfare by Rob Goorhuis and Contest Music by Wilfred Heaton, we look back at the rich history of wind music and of our festival. Concertino for Fanfare was the Test piece in the second division at the fanfare contests in 1985,” says Bus.

On April 1, WMC also published the rules & regulations for all contests of WMC 2022. These too can be downloaded from the website. Registration for the next World Music Contests starts on June 1 of this year.