Time for Outrage!

Time for Outrage! is an expression of personal dissatisfaction of composer Marco Puetz all the current crises and injustice of any kind in the world. He is aware to the fact that he can not alleviate any of these crises with his music let alone eradicate, but sees it as his free citizen right to express his indignation through music. The first part - Breaking Silence - begins almost eerily quiet. That silence is broken by a broadly built crescendo and musical climax, and then the music quiets down again. The outrage appears to be silent. In the second part - Troubled - the composer voices the fear and anxiety of people. In the third and final part - Rock the Culprits! - follows a presto part in which the culprits are relentlessly and without pause driven to the end of the composition. Puetz hides his weakness in this hopeless struggle against injustice behind a mild sarcasm: the perpetrators are not punished, but " rocked ". Lastly, Puetz says: if you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. In other words: if you're not outraged about what's happening in the world today, you walk with blinders on. Time for Outrage! is also available for Fanfare Band and for Brass Band (arr. Paul McGhee) Publisher: Bronsheim Music (www.bronsheimmusic.nl)



Wind Band; Fanfare Band, Brass Band
Bronsheim Music, The Netherlands

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Marco Puetz

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