The key element of this composition consists of 4 notes: Bb, B, F and D. They are always present in the whole work. Be it as a chain (transposed or normal), development in the chords, or as a reversal. These notes have a major and a diminished chord. Individually they sound trivial but together they give a tension that is felt throughout the whole work. The shape of the composition is very exciting, solo, touched and concerned (Impensierito) or simply powerful packaged as if it were a suite. The new style of writing, unlike before, provides the composer with another way to express his feeling in music. A kind of Continuation. The composition is dedicated to Marco Pütz as a thank you. He was Kleren’s teacher's in instrumentation and orchestration.



Wind Band
13 minutes

About the composer

Tim Kleren

As a composer Tim began writing music for his percussion ensemble of the music school in Pétange at the age of 19. The goal was to arrange pieces kids love to play, showing them that making music together can be fun. In 2006, he began to conduct his first concert band in Luxemburg (Philharmonie de Larochette) for whom he wrote his first piece (Fanfare) for them. The goal was to play this introduction piece, so come before during their main concert in 2011. In 2008, after receiving the Final Certificate in Instrumentation and Orchestration in the class of Marco Pütz, the letter suggested asking Leon Vliex of Bronsheimmusic to publish his works. In 2011, Tim's first 2 pieces Fanfare and Forever Young Overture were published. Nowadays Tim's works are mostly played in Luxemburg, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even Singapore from amateur until professional Military Bands. 2018 he wrote about 30 publsihed works for Harmonie,Fanfare, Brass Band, Symphonie Orchestra or various Ensembles. As a percussionist Tim made his first musical steps at the age of 6 in the class of Johny Frantz, beginning with snare and drumset. In 1990, at the age of 8, he began playing drums and percussion in the youth band of the 'Harmonie de Soleuvre'. 1993, the conductor gave him the chance to play in the main concert band of the 'Harmonie de Soleuvre' (70 musicians). Today, he's still playing in that Band. 1993 was the founding year of the Percussion Ensemble 'Mariendall', with which he played concerts in Luxemburg, Netherlands, Canada and America. As a drummer he played in different bands like the Big Band Spectrum, Inbetween (Rock Band), in Coverbands as unXpected, Baby Cham's and Toxic, Nickle Coin Band (Country music), and in the Brass Band of Esch-sur-Alzette etc... Tim did several recordings for Roland Rossi, 'Les 5 Gourmets' (Brass Quintet), Nickle Coin Band and the Military Band of Luxemburg. From 2001 to 2007, he taught drums, percussion and chamber music at the music school of Pétange. Since 2003, he has been a professional percussionist in the Military Band of Luxemburg. Since 2007, Tim has been giving lessons of percussion and drumset for the Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (U.G.D.A). He is frequently asked to do workshops with orchestras and percussion groups. As a conductor First conducting experience with a Concert Band from 2006 to 2011 (35 musicians). Receiving the diploma of the best band in Category D at the UGDA Music Contest in 2008. Since 2010 conductor of the 'Musek Concordia Rosport' (50 musicians) and since Dec. 2012 Principal Conductor of 'Foulschter Musik' (73 musicians). Master degree of HaFaBra Conducting (Maastricht 2017)

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